Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Park Avenue Cafe

Park Avenue Cafe [100 E. 63rd St. (bet. Lexington and Park Aves.) 212-644-1900]
If you are under 25, you should definitely go here for dinner one night. If you are 35 or under, you should consider it. If you are older than 35, I hope that you are smart enough to go elsewhere or wealthy enough to not care about paying too much for a nice dinner. You see, Park Avenue Cafe offers a wonderful deal in which diners get to pay their age (from $25 to $65) for a three-course meal any time after 8:30 pm any night. With this meal, you get the typical appetizer, entree, and dessert combination, and an excellent combination it is. The Goat Cheese Ravioli is one of the better appetizers, and both the Duck and the Lamb are wise choices for entrees, but most of the food is very good, so you probably can't go wrong with too many of the selections. For dessert, try The Chocolate Cube (mostly for its presentation) and if you are young, you can leave the restaurant knowing that you got a wonderful deal.

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