Sunday, January 27, 2008


BondSt [6 Bond Street, New York; Menu]

Upscale and trendy, BondSt offers excellent sushi, top notch cocktails, and a variety of other tasty dishes, most of which have a Japanese flavor to them. Located in what appears to be a converted brownstone, the decor of this multi-floor restaurant (that also features a lounge downstairs) makes you acutely aware of the fact that you are in an expensive place. For those who don't like sushi, the Grilled Rack of Lamb is extremely succulent. For those who do like sushi, most of the rolls are delicious, but I would especially recommend ordering off the daily special menu. How many times will you get to eat Barracuda sushi? If you want a little bit of everything, go for the tasting menu and you will be well-rewarded. Be warned that you will probably need reservations and that your meal will not come cheap. Your food, however, will be delicious.

Eat Richly Rating: Two Stars

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