Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kati Roll Company

Kati Roll Company [49 West 39th Street, New York; Menu]

Long lines for lunch usually mean that a place is either very famous, very good, or very convenient for a lot of people. Since you've probably never heard of Kati Roll Company and it's not close enough to enough offices (and I'm writing about it), it must be very good. The clincher is that most of the people waiting are Indian. Whenever you've got the approval of your own ethnicity, you must be doing something right.

In this case, they are making delicious paratha bread wraps filled with paneer, chicken, beef, lamb, egg and more. Think of it as something akin to an Indian burrito if that's easier for you. I like to have two rolls, one meat (chicken or beef tikka) to start and one paneer to cleanse my palate. This is a pretty filling meal, but one roll just won't cut it. Be warned that even though this is fast food, you will have to wait around 10 minutes for your rolls to be prepared freshly even after you order. However, you can enjoy the pictures on the menu and the Indian movie posters on the wall while you wait for your delicious food. There is some seating inside, but this is a meal that can also easily taken back to the office. There are other locations of Kati Roll Company in Greenwich Village on MacDougal Street and in London!

Eat Richly Rating: One Star

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