Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joe's Shanghai

Joe's Shanghai [9 Pell Street, New York; Menu]

The line outside is usually long. Once inside, you sit at a big table with strangers (I've had Sweden, Korea, Staten Island) and everyone is packed together. But the soup dumplings make it worth a visit. A Shanghai specialty (xiaolongbao), these treats filled with pork, or my preferred pork and crab, should make up the bulk of your meal. They are the main reason to come here, as opposed to other Chinatown restaurants. One caveat: don't eat the whole thing in one bite, or you will burn your mouth. I also recommend the Shredded Turnip Shortcakes and the Shanghai Fried Flat Noodles, which were both tasty, albeit very greasy. And of course, as this is Chinatown, prices are generally low.

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