Sunday, January 27, 2008

Daisy May's BBQ USA

Daisy May's BBQ USA [623 Eleventh Avenue, New York; Menu]

It's one of the best BBQ places in the city, but I wish that Daisy May's wasn't so damn far West! If you can make it over there (which I recommend), try the Carolina Pulled Pork sandwich, which uses tender and tasty meat and not too much sauce, which is a problem with many inferior sandwiches. Also try the Memphis Dry Rub ribs. The flavors here are wonderful. There's no sauce (that's the style) and it isn't necessary. As for sides, the Creamy Corn and the Sweet Potatoes are both good, albeit a little heavy for my taste. I could probably eat half a small portion of each. If you need more incentive to visit, try the Big Pig Gig with a bunch of your friends and see Daisy at its finest. But if 11th avenue is still simply too far, you can look around Midtown for one of the Daisy May's street carts!

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